We are BLOGGING in K!

It’s absolutely official! 

My first three bloggers have posted their words to the internet universe.  I am beyond excited about this.  Here are some screenshots of their posts:


Maysae is one of my students who still really struggles with letter formation and letter knowledge.  I am hoping that an alternative way to recognize letters will help her learn some new ones.  I typed what she told me underneath her typing.  I did the same with the student below.



This post was the one that excited me the most!  To be honest, I’m not teaching keyboarding and I have no problem with his lack of spacing.  What’s a space bar anyway?  What really excites me about this is that he wrote his draft and typed it exactly as he wrote it.  I did not help with spelling or anything.  This was HIS work. 

After my class returned from their art class, we read these three posts and discussed why we would write a comment.  Then, we decided an appropriate comment to type for each post and I typed our comments.  I am thrilled with how this process has begun!  We are going to be back at it again tomorrow…yay!


2 thoughts on “We are BLOGGING in K!

  1. So exciting!! They did a great job!

  2. How exciting! You are writers.

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