Integration of Technology

Teach Thought’s prompt for today is: Write about a piece of tech you’d like to try this year and why…you might also write about what you’re hoping to see out of this edtech integration.

None of the above is what has been whizzing through my mind this evening as I decompressed from our first day of school. Luckily, this prompt is something that is on my mind a lot, so I do have some ideas to share- as fried as my brain is right now.

Last school year, my kiddos were my guinea pigs in blogging. I used to set up a class and individual blogs within our class. I think I learned just as much as the students did through this experience. The biggest thing I am doing differently this year is teaching students to take pictures of their work to post to their blogs. That is what I’d like to try. Writing on the blogs was great and we learned a lot through that last year, but it was very time consuming. I believe blogging is important and I love the idea of the students having an outlet to share their ideas with the world, but I’d like to tailor it this year and make it quicker and simpler.

I hope that by allowing students to take pictures of their work or something they deem important in their world, I will be giving the students who struggle in written communication better access to this activity. Their blogs will also be easier to access by parents and family members who do not speak English, which is a large part of our school community.

This will not begin for a little while, since today was the first day. Before we learn about blogging, we need to learn how to work and learn in a community. That’s what we’re spending our first few weeks on. I think we will start blogging in November. If you’re interested in learning more about the blogging process I went through last year, you can read my posts from October and November. You can also sign in as a guest on our class blog if you’re interested in exploring.

Go to: then, click “login” at the top right, choose guest from the drop down menu and type in the password 12345. Enjoy!


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