I’m back and ready to write!

So, I haven’t written here in awhile (read: a few years…).


I’ve been writing not-on-here.  So that’s something, right?  In fact, my summer started off with a 2-week practicum for Grad School.  All I did was write.  Okay… I taught, too.  But mostly, I wrote heavily researched lesson plans in order to tutor a 12th grader.

I know.  Let that sink in for a moment.  I tutored a 12th grader.

It was not as scary as I had imagined.  In fact, (don’t tell any 12th graders out there) it was pretty much exactly like working with Kindergartners.  What did I learn?  Teaching is teaching, no matter the age of your student.

I said all of that to tell you that I got into the routine of writing my lesson plans each morning and finishing them up post-tutoring session each afternoon.  I had this nice little writing flow going.  I didn’t want to give that up and I realized I had a lot of stuff (thoughts? writing?) in my brain that needed to get out.  And, I also had a lot of time.  Summer break, ya know?

So, I ended up buying Kate Messner’s book, 59 Reasons to Write.  Because I just didn’t want to stop writing. Prior to this book purchase, I signed up for the Online Writing Camp she and a bunch of other writers and authors hosted this summer.  Alas, this virtual camp just happened to fall upon the two weeks that I was lesson-plan-research-writing, so… I didn’t really participate.

Now that I’ve been out of practicum for two weeks, I’ve got a nice new routine.  I read and write a lot.  With the revitalization of my writer’s soul, I’m taking the opportunity to revitalize my blog as well.  Previously, I had been solely writing about school.  But, you know what?  There’s much more to me and my life than my profession.

I run.  (and guess what, I wrote about that one morning!)

I play hockey.

I write.

I am a friend, a daughter, an observer, an empathize-r, a reader, and a baker.

So, what I really want to let you know is that I’m back!  And, I will still (sometimes) write about school things, because, let’s face it, I’m pretty passionate about teaching, among everything else.  But, I will also write about life things.  Because those things are important, too.


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