TGIF! (one day late)

Day 5 (oops)- Post a picture of your classroom…describe what you see and what you don’t see that you’d like to.

My classroom is new to me this year and I absolutely love it! It beats my small concrete box from the past two years in every way. I finally have a place for everything and can already feel the ease of the organization I worked so hard on in my set up. Creating many different “student work spaces” was a must-do for me. I have three different areas of floor space in the room, as well as many tables so students can choose at different times of the day where they can focus and get their work done the best.

Day 6: What does a good mentor “do”?
Good mentors listen to your questions, triumphs, and failures. They find the answers to questions they aren’t quite sure about and they celebrate the triumphs and failures right there with you. Just like a good leader, good mentors teach by example. Never once did my wonderful mentor say something to me like, “you need to do it this way.” She gave me the confidence to try what I thought might work, and then try something again when it didn’t quite work out how I planned. I still learn a lot from her to this day just by watching her with her students.

My mentor also became a good friend, cheerleader, and confidant. Even though her year of mentoring me is well over, she still checks in with me to see how I’m doing and will always shoot me a text if she senses something isn’t quite right. Through her actions, she shows me that she genuinely cares about me personally and professionally.

Mentors are such important people in the world of teaching. Sometimes you get lucky and end up with an amazing “assigned” mentor, just like I did.